Activity     Company Name
Refining oils and detergents Brothers oils and detergents
Production Chemicals National Company for Chemical Industries ( NASYDCO )
Industry, printing inks and chemicals Egyptian sophisticated technology ( and Gakimejkal )
Petroleum products Almadinah for trading petroleum products
Detergents Egyptian Industrial Detergents
Industry by surprise and concentrates colors However Lite Industries - Egypt
Construction Chemicals products SCIB Chemicals
Glass wool insulation Ke evil Glass Rock for insulation
Fertilizers and pesticides Evergrow Company
Construction Chemicals Company Advanced Chemical Engineering Systems " Adfy KEMS "
Vitality pesticides , fertilizers , paper and fertilizers Nasr Company for Fertilizers and pesticides ( Bio Tech )
Fertilizers and pesticides Nasr Company for Fertilizers and pesticides ( Bio Tech )
Paint cars Rover Industrial Company
Chemical Industries Company Samtrade
Fertilizers, pesticides and growth hormones Company Ferchem Egypt Fertilizers and Chemicals
Cosmetic chemical and coating metals Company products , chemical processing of metals ( Gelomettal )
Create breakers breaks and light construction materials Light construction products " Bnavom "


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