Poultry sector
  Activity     Company Name
Poultry production and feed AlAhram Poultry
Production of feed additives ElBanna for Trade and Distribution
Slaughterhouse for poultry - poultry workbooks Alsodor for Agricultural Development " Ajptana "
Concentrate feed Egypt Green Company for poultry feed manufacturing
Poultry feed and cattle feed and concentrates Company repentance for premixes
Al Safa feed
Laboratory hatching chicks one day old Alwadi company for mothers poultry
Mothers poultry production Alwadi company for poultry Grandparents
Production of day old chick and one Alwadi company for poultry
Production and marketing of chicks life one day Arab Egypt company for Poultry
Feed and concentrates, poultry feed and flour mill Oas cottonseed Egypt Kontatrid
Hatching chicks - fattening mothers Misr company for poultry Grandparents


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