Food & drinks
  Activity     Company Name
Sweets and Bakery Egyptian United Bakeries
The production of vegetable oils and margarine International company to extract oil
Biscuits and sweets International Co. For Food Industries ( Biskuy )
Treatment and water filling Arab Company for processing and filling water
Foodstuff Egyptian Company Euro Food Industries ( Food euros )
Separation of the components of eggs, pasteurized and packaged Egyptian Company for pasteurized egg products ( Epic )
Filling materials , extracts and Carbonated drinks and water National Company for Food Industries ( Sunat )
Juices and concentrates P & G 's juices and concentrates
Macaroni Regina for pasta and food industries
Produce an accurate extraction of 72% - bran - semolina Company Aalkhtab Mills
Potato half of FRIED Union Investment Foodstuff " Unifood "
Manufacturing and drying and preservation , freezing and packaging of foodstuffs , drinks and all kinds of juices , fruits, meats and packaged goods company only Company International Union of Food Industries integrated " thrill "
Flour mill Union for grinding grain
The production of vegetable oils and margarine Brothers Company for oils and detergents
Manufacturing all kinds of meat - dairy - fish - beaten rice and fill Delta manufacturing Aalzerai
Produce an accurate extraction of 72% - bran - semolina Company Reda Mills , baked goods and pasta
Grinding and grinding grain Suez Company for milling and grinding grain
Production and packaging of food Company Egeizi International Economic Development
Production and pickling and packaging of foodstuffs Valley Company for Food Industries
Agricultural products and herbs vitality Company Gelsa Agro Organic

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