Electronics & electrical appliances
  Activity     Company Name
Maintenance of electric motors for factories - Control Panels ( Shop ) Arab Engineers Maintenance & Supplies ( ICOM)
Zatba manufacturing cells Yprid desert air conditioners Modern Company for Import and Export and Industry
Electrical appliances , radio and recording International Co. For electronic devices ( Clarion )
Circuit breaker Egyptian Arab Co. for the manufacture of circuit breakers
Power Tools Egyptian Arab Electrical Industries
Manufacture of circuit breaker Egyptian Engineering medium voltage
Manufacture of electric wires and cables General Tariq grandfather
Circuit Breakers and Power Tools Egyptian-Jordanian industry circuit breakers.
Production and distribution boards cables ( typical distribution of electrical panels and control , manufacturing , water coolers and freezer rooms and paints Ketroustatk ) Mohannad Industries and Electrical
Manufacture of electronic devices - Emergency lights Electronics Engineering and Commerce
Electrical Industries House Electrical Engineering Industries
Manufacture and assembly of electric fans Delta International Industry
Tools , Lamps , electric, Company EMB For Appliances - Bchino
Production of electrical panels M.B for industry
Headlamp switches and Prize and solder bar Company AMCO for Industry and Commerce
Electrical Appliances Company slave to the electrical industry Rd . M . M
Maintenance of electronic devices Company Futec Aajabashn Micro Electronics
Electrical and electronic industries mild and moderate Asia Industrial City Company (Egypt)
Circuit breaker Egyptian Company for Engineering Industries
Equipment control to Company Waterman Industries


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