The Organizational Structure

The Board of Directors

•It consists of fifteen members elected by the General Assembly from among its members.
•The duration of the Board of Directors membership is 6-years; election of one-third of the members of the board is renewed by a draw every two years, to replace the expired membership.
• At the Board of Directors first meeting, the "President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary General" are elected .
•In case of foreigners participating in the membership of the association, the number of board members having the Egyptian nationality should be equal to the foreigners.

Sadat City Investors Association Members

Membership Types
Active Member

The applicant must occupy one of the following positions:
• Chairman of the Board of Directors or the Managing Director of shareholding companies
Director in charge of specific liability companies.
• One of the partners of companies and limited partnership.
• Chairman of a company.

Associate Member:

The member who doesn’t reach the conditions of an active membership and the Board of Directors acknowledges accepting him as an Associate Member .
An Associate Member shall have all the rights of the Active Member and bear all his obligations, except attending the General Assembly and being a member of the Board of Directors

Honorary Member:

  • The member who provides great services to the association.
  • An Honorary Member has no right to be eligible for membership of the Board of Directors or attend the General Assembly. The Honorary Member is to be nominated and chosen by the Board of Directors.


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