The Industrial zone

The Industrial zone :

Four hundred and fifty factories are built on the twenty three million m2 allocated for the Industrial Zone.
Areas allocated for heavy industries, sizes ranging from 5 to 20 thousand m2, and small industries, sizes ranging from 500 to 2500 m2 .
Completely constructed small industries compounds at reasonable prices, sizes ranging from 18 to 140 m2 .
Roads, electricity, natural gas, sewage, water and telephone networks.
Ongoing planning to establish unified industrial wastewater networks.
Starting prices of 90 pounds per m2, in addition to the excellence rates. The total value is to be paid by a deposit, then three annual installments without interest .
Environmental consulting and a well equipped laboratory with the latest devices for air and liquid analysis and measuring.
The industry sector comprises several activities including:-
(garments - textile - iron and steel - electric tools - automotive components - ceramic - porcelain - food - soft drinks - mineral water - ...etc.) .
A period of ten years tax free, starting operation date.
Applying reduced unified customs exemptions on factories’ machinery and equipment.
All procedures, like land allocation, buildings license and operating license to be terminated from Sadat City Development Agency.

Additional features :
The city meditates Central and Western Delta governorates (Monoufeya - Beheira - Gharbia).
The city is located in the middle of Egypt - Alex Desert Road .
The city is surrounded by a green area of ??33 thousand acres, including an area of ??three thousand acres for food supply and provision, which provides an opportunity to use agricultural products in the city's industrial activities .
All services are available in the urban cluster of the city which is planned to take up to half a million population, and is currently resided by 120 thousand inhabitants
There is a governmental university in the city with a number of colleges and institutes affiliated to Monoufeya University.

Industrial Places in Sadat City :

Small industries compound with an area of 18-50 m2 in the Second Industrial Zone.
Small industries complex industrial zone with an area of 60-140 m2 in the Third Industrial Zone.
Ministry of Industry storage places with an area of 144 m2 for lease or ownership.
Land allocated for industrial projects parallel to the regional road with an area of 280-500 m2.

Places in the Urban Cluster :
Shops with an area of 38-80 m2 .
Professional units over the shops in the markets .
Lands for commercial purposes in the services area with the size of 400-600 m2 .

Industrial and Commercial Advantages :
Well equipped laboratory with the latest devices for air and liquid analysis and measuring.
Special tax exemptions on industrial, professional and business projects .
All procedures for allocation, receiving, and operating license to be derived from Sadat City Development Agency .

Investment Opportunities in the Industrial Sector :
Enormous spaces, about 6 million m2, are available to be used in various industrial projects .

Industrial Projects in Sadat City

Total No. of Factories
Annual Production
Number of Laborers
Annual Wages
The number of productive factories  in city
196 Heavy Industries
60 Light Industries
2 Billion pounds
1 Billion pounds
20000 workers
85 Million pounds
The number of factories under construction
151 factory
1.1 Billion pounds
717 Million pounds
6500 workers
24 Million pounds

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