About HR Club

The Sadat City Investors Association (SCIA) in cooperation with the social partners in the city established a Regional Observatory for Labor Market (RLMO) with the aim to avail real and updated information to employers, decision makers in the Ministry of Education, parents, and students.

The first study for three economic sectors conducted by the RLMO showed a need to establish a forum for the companies to exchange on human resources issues with international and local experts in the field.

The SCIA surveyed the companies’ pressing issues in the field of human resources management, and results are:
• Performance appraisal and motivating employees
• Recruitment management
• In-company training and Dual System (the company as a training centre)
• Labor turnover
• Salary scales and retaining employees

SCIA established the HR Forum which is organizing monthly seminars since September 2015.

The Forum offered four seminars till end of 2015 with an overall /53/ participants of which /7/ are females. Most participants (39) work in the HR or personnel departments in their companies. In addition, /9/ participants are holding top management positions.

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