Sadat City

Sadat City is one of the cities which the Urban Communities Authority established for the reason of preserving agricultural lands from decaying by the act of urban sprawl and reconstruction of the desert region around the Delta, as well as disrupting the steady population density which becomes a burden on Delta governorates, providing the citizens of the city with work opportunities and housing.

The city is located in the north-west of Cairo City, Kilo 93 Cairo Alex Desert Rd. The city’s location is distinguished by a regional network to connect the city with the Central Delta governorates, in addition to the capital city. The total area of the city is 500 km2; the mass populated area is 73 km2 and future expansion area is of ?? about 201 km2.

Sadat City is also distinguished by its wide green area which is up to ??33 thousand acres that are irrigated by the latest irrigation methods and are divided as follows: an area of 28 thousand acres that have been allocated to the investors for conventional crops, the city farm which is 2000 acres located between the city entrances, and finally, the food supply area of 3,000 acres.

The housing in the city varies and reflects integrated patterns and architectural styles. The housing system consists of different levels: distinguished housing, above average housing, average housing, economy housing and low cost housing, in addition to the national housing (The Developed Housing, Ebny Bitak Housing Project and The Housing Project for the Needy). There is also Mubarak National Youth Housing where 140 youth housing units were established with the area of 70m2. Moreover, the city includes Future Housing Project, which is a leading project that reflects the deepest social solidarity as capable businessmen together with the country contributed to provide adequate housing. The project includes 1011 residential units with the area of 63 m2.

Sadat City is fed by pure underground water by the wells of the southern field with a power of 45 thousands m3/day, in addition to the 15 wells of the northern field using the central pumping station, with a power of 30 thousands m3/day. So the total power is 75 thousands m3/day that are used to contribute significantly to supply water for the entire city.  Moreover, water of the Nile has been connected to the city to serve as a permanent solution with the power of 110 thousands m3/day.

As for sanitation at Sadat City, it depends on the system of oxidation pools with the power of 15 thousands m3/day; the system is being developed to take up to 30 thousands m3/day. Sanitation water is treated and then used in the cultivation of timber trees. The Experimental Farm and The 1,100-Acre Farm and The Egyptian-Chinese Friendship Forest are examples of the oxidation pools.

For electric power, numerous stations have been established that feed the city with electric power with the capacity of 275 Mega AMP Colt.

As for the city roads, they have been connected to the roads of the country. The city is connected with Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road and the Regional Road which connects the city with Delta governorates through Sadat Bridge. A network of internal roads has been established which works on the flow of movement within the city.  Sadat City also has been equipped with buses lines to link the city with Cairo and Delta governorates, and for this purpose two bus stations and microbuses stations have been established in the city.

As for the communication service, the city telephone network has been linked to the main network in the entire country by linking the main city telephone central with Al Haram telephone central via coaxial cable. The central has been implemented with the capacity of 20 thousands lines, upgraded to 40 thousands lines and to be upgraded to 60 thousands lines in the future.

As for the services sector, it should be noted that the city has a number of educational facilities that serve several educational stages (Primary, Preparatory and Secondary), industrial and private education, as well as Al-Azhar institutes and colleges of Menoufia University. The city also provides accommodation for overseas students through the university hostel.

Regarding the religious services in the city, there is an Islamic Center and many mosques in the residential areas that reflect the beauty and nobility of the Islamic Architecture, besides establishing a church in the center of the city.

As for the health services in the city, there is a general hospital provided with the latest medical equipment and devices, in addition to many health units and the ambulance station.

Furthermore, there is a distinguished security service in the city. There are a lot of malls and markets where all goods are provided, as well as bakeries and supermarkets. The banks play a role which cannot be overlooked to help in the progress and development within the city, and to ensure economy recovery and serving the habitants.

 In order to encourage sports, social and cultural activities, three clubs were established in the city, in addition to a winter cinema and a culture palace that includes a summer cinema. As for the industrial activities, there is a variety in the existing industries in the city and its products also which makes this huge industrial assembly in Sadat City a great aid in our beloved Egypt’s progress.


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