Skills Development Project

A Protocol of Cooperation was made in 2005 between the World Bank and Sadat City Investors Association to establish the Skills Development Project in Sadat City, with the aim of improving workers' productivity and raising production efficiency.

What is the Skills Development Project?

It's a project implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Industry under the program of reforming the technical and vocational training with a budget of $ 12.5 million, 10 million dollars of which is allocated for training programs. The project's funding is a contribution of the Egyptian government and a loan from the World Bank as well.

The Project Goals :
Increasing the local products' competitiveness by improving the Egyptian workers' productivity through:
•Providing vocational training at a joint cost between the country and the beneficiaries.
• Encouraging the private sector to request training for the actual needs .
• Stimulating competitions in the field of technical and vocational training .
• Providing training requirements of the current workforce and future employment .
• Financing short-term training to support the production process .

Targeted Sectors:
The beneficiaries are small (BFS) enterprises and medium enterprises (SMEs), which employ 10-500 employees in the three targeted sectors:
• Building and construction .
• Industry.
• Tourism.

Project mediators (PIs) from businessmen and investors associations.
Training providers (TPs) .
Training centers for both the public and private sectors.

The Project Work Mechanism

Small and medium enterprises (or beneficiaries BFs) deal with the project through project mediators (PLs) where they request for their training needs.

The project mediators gather the training needs of the various beneficiaries and submit to the Project Management Unit (PMU) to be submitted in accordance with the criteria set and with full transparency.

The project mediators provide training programs through inviting training providers (TPs) for competitive distinctive bidding.

The Project Management Unit will contract with technical consultants in the fields of publicity and identifying training needs, monitoring and evaluation of the results to help mediators, beneficiaries and service providers to define the project and implement it.


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