Human Resources Development Center


To have skilled technical laborers, Sadat City Investors Association in collaboration with the German Technical Cooperation (GIZ) established "The Dual Education System (Mubarak - Cole) for Technical Employment" in order to raise the skills of technical laborers required for the various economic sectors. The Protocol of Cooperation was signed in 1997 and continues until 2008. The Human Resources Development Center has been established in 1996 in Sadat City, where the project started under the name of Sadat Mubarak – Cole, and the name was changed to the Center for Human Resources Development in 2004..

The centre has lunched with a number of 120 students in 2 fields: "maintenance and repair mechanics technicians and industrial electronics technicians ". In 2011, the number of students was about 1,000 and it was in cooperation with 180 factories, companies and farms in seven fields: "maintenance and repair mechanics technicians, electronics industrial technicians, clothes & garments, mechanical installations, electrical installations, assistant manager technicians, agriculture automation technicians, orchards and food processing".

One of the center activities is the German Dual Educational system that is a technical education which is characterized by a combination of theoretical study and training at factories. It is called the "Dual Technical Education" as it combines two methods of education through which the student spends four days a week in the factory to develop his scientific and technical skills, and two days a week at school for theoretical study. The project involves German experts, the Egyptian Ministry of Education and new industrial cities investors associations.

•The center is a non-governmental and non-profit organization.
•The center provides technical training and is a consultant in establishing and developing national technical and vocational training.
• The center is also registered in the German Technical Assistance (GIZ) in the same field .
• The center is a member of the Regional Development Project of the five countries, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Palestine, in the field of vocational and technical education as well as development, funded by the German Technical Assistance (GIZ) .
• The centre is registered by the World Bank as an intermediary to provide training services for technicians in the fields of tourism, building and construction, and industry .

  • The center collaborates with many scientific centers in the field of training, such as the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, the American University in Cairo and Alexandria, Monoufeya University, Alexandria University, and Administration Business Centers of the Egyptian Industry Modernization Program funded by the European Union and the Egyptian government.

The Center’s Goals:-

• Providing skilled technical employment, of well scientific and practical training using the latest teaching methods and technology to serve the Egyptian production to be able to face global competition and increase export rate.
• Applying this dual system in all professions, crafts and jobs in Egypt, whether in industry, agriculture or other fields .
• Providing job opportunities for young people, according to the needs of the labor market .
• Amending education and employment laws to enforce the necessity of obtaining a license to practice a profession .

Contracting with the Center:

Contracting is done with legal contracts, official letters of intent  for mutual support or attribution orders to determine the required services and means of implementation, cost and duration to complete the required tasks. The centre primarily depends on its share of the fees to achieve its objectives, which is to be agreed between the centre (as a special unit of Sadat City Investors Association) and the other parties formally and legally to ensure the fulfillment of the technical requirements of the contract.  The center will undertake accounting and tax procedures following laws and regulations.

The Centre’s Consultants:

To achieve its objectives and provide its services, the centre collaborates with an elite group of universities faculty members and foreign experts from the European Union, the World Bank and the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ)

For more information please contact:
Human Resources Development Centre (Mubarak - Cole Project)
Sadat City 13 Street Abu zer al-Ghafari - the First Residential Area - Sadat City
Phone: 048 / 2606775-2602809


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