Sadat City Investors Association Achievements

1-The association established a language school ??of a prominent level that emulates global standards to attract businessmen, managers and workers to reside in Sadat City to provide their children with distinguished education. Since education is a service that doesn’t aim for profit, the association supports the school with 500 thousand pounds each year since 1997 in order to assure the required school goals.

2-The association founded Mubarak - Cole Project in Sadat City in 1996 in cooperation with German experts and the Ministry of Education where the two schools specified for the project were rehabilitated to convert them to highly qualified technical schools. A regional unit was established for the Dual Education System so that the unit would be responsible to supervise the practical exercises in factories, schools, and facilitate cooperation and coordination between the factories and the Ministry of Education, besides establishing a national system of Dual Education and Training Project. The project started in1996with two fields only, 120 students and 20 participating factories in the training. Now, the numbers increased to be: 7 fields, 1000 students, and 200 participating companies and factories and farms.

3- A Protocol of Cooperation was made with the Skills Development Project (SDP) funded by the World Bank and the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Industry to provide technical courses for workers in factories to raise their skills, depending on the needs and requirements of the labor market. A grant of 90% of the value of technical courses is provided for factories workers.

4- More than 90 management courses were held for the administration by the Leadership Development Center funded by USAID and the European Union.

5- Forty seven companies and factories were helped to adjust their environmental conditions, according to the Law 4/1994 and funded by the Dutch Aid. Currently, the association is following up with the rest of the companies to do the same.

6- The Export Development Center was built in Sadat City in 2003 funded by the USAID to increase the competitiveness of the factories and companies products in Sadat City.

7-Future Housing was funded by about 1.25 million pounds to support youth housing in Sadat City.

8-The 26th July Corridor was funded by half a million Egyptian pounds to facilitate people’s transportation.

9-A Protocol of Cooperation was made with the Egyptian Industry Modernization Program, financed by the European Union to provide administrative courses and services with a 70% fund, in addition to providing technical aid to factories to obtain quality certificates, analyzing and studying the costs, and energy saving programs, and raising productivity programs.



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