Association Goals and Activities

The important role played by the investors' associations has been increasing lately, particularly after the responsibility accorded by the state to the private sector. Thus, the associations became the foundation for development and investment, to support the Egyptian economy, and push its progress forward. .

History of the Association
Sadat City Association was declared in the Directorate of Social Affairs in Monoufya, No. 776 dated 05/26/1992 in accordance with the associations' provisions law No. 84 of 2002.

Our vision: "We are working together for a better future for Sadat City Investors."

The Association Goals
The association is a non-profit and non-governmental organization that aims to:
• Representing and supporting the business community.
• Business Services.
• Development of the City.

The Association Activities
The Association works to achieve its objectives through the following activities and services:
•Representing business community and encouraging investment.
• Coordinating between the common interests of the investors and representing them locally and internationally .
• Studying laws and regulations and expressing opinions regarding them .
•Preparing and disseminating data and statistics about the activity of investors and participate in exhibitions
• Contributing to public services’ and facilities’ developing to benefit the community .
• Establishing and organizing conferences, seminars, concerts and meetings .
• Providing technical and management consulting.
• Establishing and managing educational activities and technical education schools, such as "Sadat City Language School" and "Project Mubarak - Cole" .
• Working on human resources’ development through various programs and training courses .
• Working on quality systems and modern management’s deployment .
• Establishing and managing economic and service projects. After obtaining the approval of the administrative authority, the revenue is used for the association’s development .
• Promoting environmental awareness and establishing of environmental projects .

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